Acorn Digital is a state of the art recording facility located in Monmouth county New Jersey. Featuring a great separate drum isolation booth with 23 foot ceiling for excellent acoustics. The console is the award winning, Yamaha 02R96. The recording is done via Adat lightpipe into a computer network running Sonar 8.2. Yielding an almost unlmited number of tracks.
Other software platforms available include, Samplitude mastering, Cubase, Nuendo 3.5, Wavelab, Soundforge, and Creamware Pulsar.
Effects plug-ins include Antares Auto-tune, Mic Modeler, Antares Filter, Waves Platinum Series, All Cakewalk and Sound Forge, Roland V-Vocal, and many others.
We do band recording, mastering, tape to digital transfers, MIDI programming and composition. 
Instruments available include a wide selection of acoustic and electric guitars and basses., Yamaha Acoustic piano, , Korg PA2X (amazing kbd),Korg Triton Studio keyboard, Korg Wavestation EX, Alesis SR-16 and DmPro and many tone modules 
Percussion includes a vintage Gretch acoustic drum set miked and ready to go with no set up time. A electric Pintech drum set, LP congas, and many hand percussion instruments.
As our engineers are musicians as well as technicians we will be glad to play on your sessions at no extra charge. We will guide you through every step of the recording process to a great end result.     

John Mulrenan 732-919-0226
Acorn Digital Recording